Call me Master..


Walking down the office corridor, I whimpered as the feeling between my thighs intensified. I casted a worried look over my shoulder hoping my colleagues didn’t notice my discomfort. With every step I took, the clit vibrator tingled, sending my senses into overdrive.

I quickened my step to the ladies room and tried to calm my self down. It’s been four hours. I can’t take it anymore. I took off my soaked panties and threw it in the bin. Taking out the clit vibrator, I quickly hid it in my purse. Hopefully Master doesn’t punish me too hard for taking it off. I put on new panties and got out of the toilet, trying to act as normal as possible for the rest of the day.

Glancing at the clock in the corner, I noticed the time..08:30pm. Wow how time flies by. I noticed that most of the staff had clocked out for the day except for myself and Mr Drew… I mean Master. Perspiration began to build up, my hands became itchy, I knew he was going to call for me in a few minutes. ‘Ruby, come here’ he called with that husky voice i was beginning to get used to. I walked into his office and locked the door behind me. My breath hitched as I felt him get closer. ‘You have been a naughty girl haven’t u ruby’. I couldn’t speak as I immediately became intoxicated with his masculine scent. He grabbed my vagina and harshly whispered in my ear ‘Answer me!’ Answer me!’ ‘Ye..Yes sir’ I replied.

‘Get into your position now!’ He ordered. I quickly stripped off my clothing and knelt beside him with my head bowed and hands behind me. ‘Good girl’ he praised as he rewarded me by twisting my nipples. The Pain and pleasure combined together made me shiver deliciously but I dared not make a sound. Master walked to his desk and opened his bottom drawer to bring out a silver bullet vibrator and a clit clamp. He strolled to where I was sitting and stood in front of him in a dominant stance and said to me ‘You took out the clit vibrator without my permission, did you think I wouldn’t find out’.. ‘ I am so sorry master, my panties kept on getting soaked and I didn’t want people to figure that something was off’….’Excuses excuses, turn around and get on your knees now’ I Got up and did as I was told. Master inserted the vibrator straight into my soaked pussy and the clit clamp at the same time, sending pleasure straight to my head making me arch my back. I moaned as I start to wiggle to get him to move the damn vibrator. He spanks me twice and told me to stay still. I quickly stood still and he took out the vibrator and thrust it in me again hard repeatedly making me moan out loud, The only sounds filling the room were my loud moans and the squishy noise as the vibrator is thrust into my dripping pussy. ‘You must NOT cum ruby, this is your punishment for going against my orders’ Master says as he pushes the vibrator in deeper and faster. ‘I am sorry sir, I won’t do it again, Please let me cum’ I plead as my breath hitches and my pussy wall tightens against the vibrator and the clit clamp biting down on me. Master removed the toys immediately leaving me breathing hard, horny and dripping as he ordered me to get dressed. I got up and left vowing to myself that I would never go against master’s orders.


‘virgin?’ Yes I am a virgin. Hard to believe huh? Especially in a corrupt modern world we are in. Being a virgin isn’t easy, trust me. From the sexy ass hotties strutting their God-given abs to your ex fucking some other girls, and his excuse ‘ I’m a guy, I have needs.’ Bitch please, I’m a lady going through puberty in the worst way possible. I have raging hormones, but you don’t see me handing my pussy in a platter to every hot guy that finds me attractive. Its called control and discipline. Look it up.  End of rage.

Back to the topic… I am a horny ass virgin. Do you know why? It’s because I was introduced to sexual acts since i was 11. I’m not mad about it, in fact it has opened my eyes to a lot of things. It started with magazines lying around, to watching porn, and being groped by my so-called ‘uncles’. (Not related of course). I thank God that my dad was wise enough to move the family to U.K because I assure you, I would probably be an asewo today.
Anyways. I enjoy watching porn even though the acting is terrible. I watch it to learn. I know that once I start having sex, I am going to try Most things. Some might call me a freak or kinky but who gives a fuck really. I’m into the dominant/ submissive shit, bondage, whips, vibrators, and being tied up. Even thinking about sends a delicious shiver up my spine and goosebumps to form on my body. I have a lot of sexual scenes in mind, I would love to act out with my future hubby of course. I am not going to have a boring sex life with my husband. HELL No. He’s going to leave every morning satisfied and he would look forward to coming home.

One more thing, Pain and pleasure is the perfect combination really, it sends you right over the edge. I might be a virgin but it doesn’t mean I haven’t done other things. I have been kissed, breasts has been groped, and the old famous ’69’ has been done. My ex had mad tongue skills. That’s the only thing i miss in the bastard. Giving and receiving head is not a bad thing.  It should be between a CLEAN and faithful couple.  No matter what the media portrays about it, ignore them. Why should they dictate what you should and shouldn’t do in your life? Fuck em and do you. Getting head was a wonderful thing by the way. I saw the moon, stars and sun all at the same damn time.

This is just an introduction really. From now on, I am going to be posting some of my sexual fantasies. Be warned, they are not for the faint hearted or prudes.